Climate-Contolled Storage

Temperature and Humidity Controlled Storage in OKC

Climate-Control Benefits

An important feature of climate-controlled storage units is that they protect your items from mold and mildew. This is necessary for many items you may be storing such as:

  • Papers/Documents
  • Antiques
  • Electronic equipment
  • Artwork
  • Clothing
  • Photographs
  • Wine
  • Collectibles

Self Storage Options

Are you concerned about whether or not to get climate-controlled storage? What difference would it make to your belongings? What could happen without it?

Most climate-controlled storage units have indoor access which reduces the possibility of water damage from flooding, rain, snow, or humidity.  Because they tend to be interior units, they also are typically cleaner as there are less dirt and dust to collect.

If you decide you don't need climate-controlled storage, Storij Self Storage's modern facility also offers drive-up storage units.

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What Does Climate-Control Mean to Me?

Climate-controlled units are expected to be kept at comfortable temperatures with low humidity.  They should range from 55 degrees F (winter) to 85 degrees F (summer).  You should ask what the expectations are for the storage unit you are considering.  Keep in mind that most climate-controlled units are part of the entire climate-controlled system and not individually controlled.

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